Community Values

As we launch Gain Grow Retain, there are a core set of values that we want to exude to our membership and the public at large. If we all buy-in to these shared values, customer success will be powered forward. 

  • Enjoy each others company: We can push Customer Success forward by coming together as a tight knit community, building connections that can span our careers
  • Lead with transparency: This community will only move forward if we put down our walls and humbly welcome new ideas
  • Collaborative spirit: Seek to empower, educate and teach those with a passion towards customer success
  • Love for data: Tie concepts and qualitative values to quantitative and measurable metrics.
  • Commitment to the customer: Unify around a Common Goal of Helping our Customers be Successful
  • There’s not one answer: Share best practices and philosophies with peers, there is no wrong answer
  • Diversity through inclusion: This community is meant for ALL who wish to better themselves