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Customer Health
Customer Health

Let's talk about the ins and outs of measuring customer health. We want to get detailed about metrics to include or exclude, modes of capturing this information and how to action with this information. 


Gurdev Anand
Sr. Customer Experience Manager

A little late to the game, but hope I can still share some thoughts!

We've leveraged churn data to drive product enhancement decisions and now hold Product and Engineering accountable to help drive down churn.

What do I mean by this?

Each customer that is severely dissatisfied or wants to cancel gets a call from our Customer Experience team. If they choose to cancel, we ask a few probing questions and bucket these reasons in Salesforce. Took us a few quarters, but we've honed in on what these buckets should look like for our org. For the "Product" bucket, we... (More)

Laura LakhwaraEarly Adopter
Customer Success @ SoftBank Robotics

Building Towards Customer Advisory Board

One of my long-term goals for our CS team is to launch a Customer Advisory Board, but it isn't the immediate priority. To kick things off, I'd like to host some sessions with our clients by vertical.

  1. Has anyone hosted smaller sessions with a group of customers to allow them to meet each other, discuss best practices, ideate and collect product feedback? What made them successful?
  2. What steps have you taken to launch/formalize a Customer Advisory Board?
Customer Success Manager

Moving from reactive to proactive

I'm looking at implementing some sort of alerting or monitoring, preferably customer health scoring to monitor usage and trigger alerts. Currently forced to react to customer actions which isn't an ideal scenario.

Would love to hear how you implemented something similar - triggers based on product usage, or some sort of health scoring to monitor and identify customer disengagement or churn without a CSM software.

PS - Brownie points if this can be achieved using a free tool or Google Sheets.

Thanks in Advance,

Alex Turkovic
Sr. Director, Implementation & Training Services

Client-Facing Education

In my career, I've launched a fair amount of client-facing education programs including video-based courses, partner certifications, webinars, monetized training sessions, etc. The amazing thing though is that I'm ALWAYS uncovering new tools, methods and innovations in this niche and was curious about your own experience launching customer facing training, performance support or documentation. 

As such, I would love it if you took a couple of minutes of your day and to share your own experience, tools, tips, tricks, successes and failures here if you have relevant experience.

I'll add a comment shortly where I'll share my own two cents.