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Customer Journey
Customer Journey

Each customer has a journey and each business tries to build a journey to fit each segment. So let's marry these two ideals together and discuss how were enabling customers through the customer journey. 


Matt Myszkowski
VP, Customer Success Management, EMEA

CSM Supporting New Product Launch

Hi All,

A new one for me so looking for some help & guidance here - what role does your CSM(s) play with new product launches, both in terms of pre-launch (identifying correct customer fit, etc.) & launch?

Alex Tran
Client Outcomes Manager @ Gainsight

Building Out Tech Touch - Here's what I'm doing (feedback/ideas welcomed!)

Hey everyone!

I'm building and owning the tech touch segment for my company, Gainsight. We're calling it the "Digital Led" segment.


  • In-product drop down widget in which customers can submit questions/issues, and mark their request as Technical Issue, Best Practice, How-to, etc.
    • Technical issues will be routed to our Support team
    • Best practice and how-to product questions will be routed to a CS team member, me (CTA automatically created to take action on)
  • In-product self serve widget integrated with our knowledge base and in-app product guides
  • Weekly "Office Hours" promoted to all customers (AMA, use cases + product,... (More)
David L EllinFounding Member
Chief Customer Officer (consultant)

Customer Journey Maps - Missing Elements

Many of us have done Customer Journey Maps in the past. I've never gotten one 100% correct the first time through it. Sometimes weeks or months later, I discover a touchpoint that wasn't included in the journey map. And sometimes, that touchpoint caused a gap in delivery.

From your experience, what are the typical touchpoints you've overlooked or didn't pay enough attention to in your journey maps?

Supporting SAAS free trials

I'm interested to understand different ways companies handle free trials. We're trialling (excuse the pun) them as a method of accelerating sales but to support them in the long run I don't know the best structure between CSMs and Sales to support the trials. I have a lot of questions around support/ownership (dedicated role which mixes CSM/Sales skills and responsibilities?), qualification for a "good fit", playbook differences to standard customer onboarding, compensation if conversion, and more. I couldn't find any results when I searched for "trial" here but I know many of your companies must do them. I'd be grateful... (More)