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Let's stay up in the strategy within this section of the community - we're focused less on the tactics or the day-to-day. 

Gurdev Anand
Sr. Customer Experience Manager

A little late to the game, but hope I can still share some thoughts!

We've leveraged churn data to drive product enhancement decisions and now hold Product and Engineering accountable to help drive down churn.

What do I mean by this?

Each customer that is severely dissatisfied or wants to cancel gets a call from our Customer Experience team. If they choose to cancel, we ask a few probing questions and bucket these reasons in Salesforce. Took us a few quarters, but we've honed in on what these buckets should look like for our org. For the "Product" bucket, we... (More)

Alex Tran
Client Outcomes Manager @ Gainsight

Building Out Tech Touch - Here's what I'm doing (feedback/ideas welcomed!)

Hey everyone!

I'm building and owning the tech touch segment for my company, Gainsight. We're calling it the "Digital Led" segment.


  • In-product drop down widget in which customers can submit questions/issues, and mark their request as Technical Issue, Best Practice, How-to, etc.
    • Technical issues will be routed to our Support team
    • Best practice and how-to product questions will be routed to a CS team member, me (CTA automatically created to take action on)
  • In-product self serve widget integrated with our knowledge base and in-app product guides
  • Weekly "Office Hours" promoted to all customers (AMA, use cases + product,... (More)

Billing CSM as Hourly - Can it be successful?

My org currently attaches a CS line item to SOWs, complete with hours/month of CSM time. I'm struggling with it on a few levels, and I'm curious if we can (or would even want to) make this successful.

As I see it:

  • We are not a cost center. It's clear that CS is a source of revenue.
  • We have clear SOWs and can turn to them when clients push the boundaries.
  • Resourcing plans are easier - we know how many hours we "owe" our customers and can staff to that number.


  • Lots of confusion (for customers and internally)... (More)
Andrey Tirel
Customer Success Manager

Unique CS orgs

Hi CS Folks,

I've been thinking about my personal CS journey. Has anyone ever been in a unique CS role or company? If, so what made it so unique? Secondly, has anyone been with a CS team where you had, as a team, less than 10 customers producing millions of ARR? Curious how those relationships were handled. 


To give background, Amount is lending platform. Our CS team is 15 but we only have 7 customers todate. I would say this is pretty different than many others but what do you all think? Have you seen this before?