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Industry Data & Insights
Industry Data & Insights

Please use this area to show industry-wide data, statistics or studies that may be relevant to Customer Success. Please provide a link to the data or insight that you're referencing so we may all have the opportunity to explore. 

Jim Ashley
Vice President of Customer Success

High Touch vs Low Touch with differing contract vehicles

Hey everyone, 

I recently became VP of CS for a company that has most of our clients on monthly contracts, yet are moving to annual.  We have roughly 1000 on monthly. The average lifetime is 6 years. We are seeing better retention, utilization, and references from our annual clients and would love to continue on this path. 

However, some of our most profitable and notorious customers are on monthly. 

I would love to dive into how you would set up standards for touchpoints when operating with this customer base. 


Matt Vadala
Seeking CSM opportunities

CCSM - how did you obtain this credential, and what inspired you to pursue it?

I come across many people who have obtained or who are now posting they are a CCSM. How have any of you obtained yours? Is SuccessCoaching the only service who provides it?

Does anyone have good data on diversity in customer success?

Hi everyone, wondering if you have seen any data on diversity on customer success.  There have been several studies on gender diversity in our space (pretty even for individual contributors, abysmal for leadership positions), but I haven't seen much on racial diversity.  Has anyone come across good data on race/ethnicity in customer success?

Please share!

Melissa Flygare
ClientSuccess - Building Relationships that Last

State of Customer Success

Hi everyone!  We are doing a "State of Customer Success" survey & want to hear from as many awesome CS professionals as possible!  

Plus, if you take the survey you might even win one of the cool Apple products we're giving away!