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As we engage with our customers to help them achieve their outcomes, let's discuss ways that we're connecting the dots to make that happen. Joint success plans may be a prime example; let's dig beyond that to learn the engagement techniques that can drive business outcomes. 


Kathleen Fava
Job Seeker for a CSM Remote Role


For those CSMs who have been in the uncomfortable position of having to give the customer bad news:

How do you handle it when, for example, Product can't or won't program an enhancement or feature request for a customer. Even if Product is on board with CS, there may be roadmap issues, backlog, etc...preventing them from scheduling the work. How can we deliver this news and maintain the good will of the customer.

An aside: If CSMs are measured on renewals, the situation above may cause them to churn. Sometimes renewals/churn are out of the CSM's control. So is it... (More)

Gurdev Anand
Sr. Customer Experience Manager

A little late to the game, but hope I can still share some thoughts!

We've leveraged churn data to drive product enhancement decisions and now hold Product and Engineering accountable to help drive down churn.

What do I mean by this?

Each customer that is severely dissatisfied or wants to cancel gets a call from our Customer Experience team. If they choose to cancel, we ask a few probing questions and bucket these reasons in Salesforce. Took us a few quarters, but we've honed in on what these buckets should look like for our org. For the "Product" bucket, we... (More)

Janet Szymanski
Pharmaceutical Sales | Recruiter | Business Development | Product Launch | Resources Specialist | Talent Acquisition | Consultant | Self-Starter | Healthcare

In B-to-B settings pricing performance

In B-to-B settings, research suggests that pricing performance improves when pricing authority is spread horizontally across the sales, marketing, and finance units and when there is a balance in centralizing and delegating that authority between individual salespeople and teams and central management. Any thoughts? Kotler, P. T., & Keller, K. L. (2016). Framework for marketing management (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Matt Myszkowski
VP, Customer Success Management, EMEA

CSM Supporting New Product Launch

Hi All,

A new one for me so looking for some help & guidance here - what role does your CSM(s) play with new product launches, both in terms of pre-launch (identifying correct customer fit, etc.) & launch?