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Roles & Responsibilities
Roles & Responsibilities

Our engagement model helps to set the tone of the relationship with a customer. Within our engagement model, it is clear that there has to be set roles and responsibilities in order for our team to work like a well oiled machine. 


Matt Myszkowski
VP, Customer Success Management, EMEA

CSM Supporting New Product Launch

Hi All,

A new one for me so looking for some help & guidance here - what role does your CSM(s) play with new product launches, both in terms of pre-launch (identifying correct customer fit, etc.) & launch?

CS Org Reporting Structure

If your CS team or CS Org ultimately reports into the CRO, do you find that there are inherent challenges to getting them to understand CS?  Do you find that they are so Sales-minded, that they try to manage CS teams the same way they manage Sales, and therefore CS teams face unnecessary challenges?  If so, how do you work through those?

Devon Lee
Sr. Manager, Client Success

Differentiating "entry-CSM" vs. "Enterprise CSM" job postings

As an organization who is looking to break out into CSM to have multiple levels I'd like to know how others have created distinctions when posting those two roles at the same time. 

At the most simple level our initial thoughts have been around years of proven CS experience with clients that match our "enterprise" level. 

What other qualifications differentiate an Enterprise or more senior CSM on your teams? 

Customer Experience W/out SaaS

Hi community! I joined about a week ago and first just want to say thank you to @Sara Bochino for introducing me. What a great resource!

A little bit about me: I have been working as Head of Accounts for 3 years now at the company I work for, which has a very heavy focus on customer relationships and experience while also directly overseeing/managing most of our operations department. Now I am transitioning into a dedicated Customer Experience role where that is my sole focus.

My question is, does anyone this group have experience managing customer experience touch points in... (More)