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As customer success scales, there is a Tech Stack that begins to play a vital role in how processes are designed, implemented and measured for overall effectiveness. Let this area serve as an opportunity to discuss any tech-related items. 


Tanuj Diwan
Director of Innovation - Surveysensum

Pre-Sales Customer Success to Tech Handoff

Hi everyone, we have started helping enterprises in Indonesia with Feedback solutions with our CX product. And our current state of customer success starts from pre-sales till upselling.

As we provide custom solutions it involves a lot of tech communications between clients and CS team. However we are facing a consistent problems of clients asking for more customizations as a Scope is not defined.

Has anyone in the community gone through this process at a SAAS startup and uses any format for Scope of Work and getting it finalized even before the tech team involvement.

If yes could you please... (More)

Hi Everyone - For those that don't have a dedicated CS Software tool and use SFDC, I'd love to hear pros vs cons. What ... Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jeff BreunsbachFounder
Managing Partner | Customer Imperative

[Industry Webinars/Events] - July 2020

Please use this thread as a place to put Events, Webinars, etc. 


Customer Success Manager

Moving from reactive to proactive

I'm looking at implementing some sort of alerting or monitoring, preferably customer health scoring to monitor usage and trigger alerts. Currently forced to react to customer actions which isn't an ideal scenario.

Would love to hear how you implemented something similar - triggers based on product usage, or some sort of health scoring to monitor and identify customer disengagement or churn without a CSM software.

PS - Brownie points if this can be achieved using a free tool or Google Sheets.

Thanks in Advance,