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    Thank you :) l.farley@adinstruments.com ------------------------------ Liam Farley ------------------------------

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    Hi Ramya, Can I get in this too? Regards Saad ------------------------------ Saad Khan ------------------------------

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    +1 here...would love to join a call about success plans. jason@altrio.com Also theres a company called StrikeDeck that shares success templates/account management templates as part of their cold outreach strategy for finding CS clients....I havent worked with them directly but I did look through the templates they shared with me and they were pretty decent. Not perfect but a good starter. Might be worthwhile to see if they'll share with you - they seem pretty liberal about sharing, but of course ...

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    Hi Jared! Full disclosure, I'm on the Customer Success team at ChurnZero - so that's the perspective I'm coming from in answering your questions. :) As and mentioned, Segments are definitely the 'building blocks' of ChurnZero, and it's something we will put a pretty constant focus on throughout the implementation process. I also second Daniel's comment on Plays - the automation is really powerful, and Plays isn't something you'll necessarily want to set and leave -- we'll work together to make sure ...

  • So we def capture the specific goals of the clients. We are a transactional sale but our product is very robust. So we created a framework to help us understand the customer. WHAT HOW WHY What do they want to do? How do they want to do it? Why do they want to do it? This allows us to clearly document what they want to do and we can figure out a plan for that account to both renew and expand. We categorize the opportunity to expand or renew based off the goal... Categorize like, misplaced product, ...

  • Hi Rragavan, I would be keen to join also please if that is ok? Best regards, Busola ------------------------------ Busola Akinsete ------------------------------

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    Hello, Would be interested to join if you are okay to invite. Thanks, Surendra ------------------------------ Surendranath ------------------------------

  • Hi Marco, I applaud your effort and question to the community-- DEI is important to me too. Can you clarify-- Are you looking to make the case for DEI or looking for examples of tactics and potential metrics to expect? Also, I'm not sure what you mean by motions. There are lots of ways to approach this effort depending on your goals. Jan ------------------------------ Jan Young ------------------------------


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  • Hi GGR Community, I am working on tackling some New Year Resolutions in my customer implementation/onboarding lifecycle on other ways to provide engagement or value to an Executive Sponsor during an onboarding process. I currently have existing touchpoints ...

  • Question for the team - If you have an install base sales team which sells software to your install base (i.e. "upsells" or "expansion sales") and this team is distinct from your new logo sales team, what is the internal and customer facing name of ...

  • Good morning friends! I am starting to do some competitive analysis of what our competitors offer in terms of Customer Success, Customer Support & Onboarding. Has anyone done this before? Can y ou share any guidance or advice? Does anyone have a template ...

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