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    Hi @Amanda Watson - if your team is responsible for Renewals I can send you some stuff we use. We have a lot of enterprise clients so the renewal process is heavy so might not be relevant , just let me know :) ​ ------------------------------ Ben Bunting Director of Renewals and Expansion Director of Renewals and Expansion ------------------------------

  • @Cori Medler - what a response! ​ ------------------------------ Ben Bunting Director of Renewals and Expansion Director of Renewals and Expansion ------------------------------

  • @Cori Medler That's the BEST response ever! 🤩 🥳 ​ ------------------------------ Anita Toth Customer Retention/Churn Consultant ------------------------------

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    Hi GGR community! We are building a CS program from the ground up! I am ready to develop playbooks and I am looking for a great template. Can you point me to any or perhaps share some of your playbooks. Thank you! Amanda Watson Drake Software #CustomerSuccess #Roles&Responsibilities #Strategy ------------------------------ Amanda Watson Education Team Lead Drake Software ------------------------------

  • Hi Alex, Great question. Thought I'd actually record you a video to give you an idea of how this can work. Click below to play! ------------------------------ Cori Medler BombBomb ------------------------------

  • Hey Kev, First congratulations on your new role! 🎉 I would recommend checking out ClientSuccess. Simple & easy to use - great for teams that don't have a ton of resources. Plus, the infamous Kristi Faltorusso is the VP of Customer Success there! Now, I should note that I work for ClientSuccess so maybe I'm a tad biased (I love this company!! 😍). We're not the right fit for everyone, but I think it would be worth checking us out. I would be happy to chat through what you're looking for & see ...

  • We have a product that generates Digital Business Reviews (DBRs) focused on the long tail but had to solve the same problem. My suggestion is to bring an important recommendation into the subject line, not an insight teaser but a recommendation. We took a hint from Wayne's 7-pillars book and extended it further for his then team at Google. Happy to talk more details. ------------------------------ Dickey Singh cast.app ------------------------------

  • I recently tried to use video to try to engage with stakeholders who were not responding to my requests for QBRs. I kept them short, 60 seconds, and very high level and to the point....kind of a teaser to get them interested in the meeting. Not a single person opened the video. I am very curious to hear tips and tricks from those that are seeing success in how I can improve the videos. I should also mention I sent it to customers who have a history of not engaging - existing customers who recently ...


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  • As the title says, do you feel that you have a voice or involvement in the tools that you use to make your job easier on a day to day basis? #CustomerSuccess ------------------------------ Farouq Aldori Engageful ------------------------------

  • Hi, We have global customer success, services, enablement, and support teams today, but are rapidly expanding into other markets. I was wondering if anyone out there has some data points that show the impact of not having local language customer support ...

  • Hi there! We recently implemented a digitally-led customer experience model for implementation and adoption and now we are shifting our focus to advocacy. We collect NPS and try to ask customers to write G2 reviews, but wanted to see if there are any ...

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