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  • Hi All, I'm at the same spot... busy building a customer Success division from the ground up, but for a professional services (data engineering and data analytics) company. Your handbook is a great guide , I was wondering if anyone had anything further to add for consideration? Thank you ​​ ------------------------------ Byron Sacks Tech Connect ------------------------------

  • Guide CX?


    Hello All, Has anyone used Guide CX for an internal Implementation Tracking Tool? #Technology ------------------------------ Tim Gilhooly Customer Success Manager II FL ------------------------------

  • First of all, please let me know what works/doesn't work for your team once you've completed this. I think there are some great comments posted above. I'm adding my two cents in case it's relevant. My organization's CS work is so domain-specific that you cannot hire a generic CSM to come in and do it, and as a result we tend to hire from the industry. For similar reasons, we struggled to adopt CS best practices earlier in our development. If I were to go back and do it again, I would approach it ...

  • Hi Allison, Great topic and thanks for starting this discussion! At our user conference in October 2020, we actually held a fun and lively debate on this exact topic. I did my best to summarize the arguments from both sides below (but apologies that even the summary is quite long). Hope this helps as you navigate the best decision for your own organization. Personally, I really enjoy owning the renewal as a CSM, and hope others agree! If you want to listen to the full recording of the debate ...

  • Love this stuff James! I've been using Giftology with my clients to strengthen the relationship and to build a referral system. The book is called Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention I've been using their methods for years (free version is to read the book ) or you can hire them. I've had remarkable results in terms of building long-term relationship quickly and respectfully. The key is to make it ...

  • Any suggestions for cs platforms for those of us without a CS Ops and with a very small budget? The team is small but needs to be nimble. Thanks! Laurie #Technology ​​ ------------------------------ Laurie Barlev ComplySci laurie@stanfordalumni.org ------------------------------

  • @Jordan Silverman Thanks, for the shout-out 🌶! @James Fisher - I think you're on the right track. We've been exploring this quite extensively here at Chili Piper (we've been known to send some branded hot sauce to our customers now and then). We've used multiple vendors for different types of appreciation. Some vendors allow the customer to choose from a selected list of gifts within an allocated budget amount (Snappy Gifts - does this quite well via an email and directs the user to a list of items) ...

  • Love this, Jordan 🙌 ------------------------------ Mike Arnone LumiQ ------------------------------


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    Guide CX?

    Hello All, Has anyone used Guide CX for an internal Implementation Tracking Tool? #Technology ------------------------------ Tim Gilhooly Customer Success Manager II FL ------------------------------

  • I've recently moved from a small company (30 people) to one with about 800 employees. I'm pumped! Has anyone made a leap of that size in CS and have any pointers? Thanks for any thoughts! #Career ------------------------------ Brian Hansen VP of Business ...

  • Hi community, I am building my second transactional/consumption based customer success team. I have always found explaining, building roles/responsibilities between sales/csm is difficult in these type of models. With each user being automatous and ...

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