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  • Hi there! Which learning and development resources do you recommend for your a) CS team leads and b) your CSMs? Would love to hear some of your book, podcast, online course, etc. suggestions. Many thanks, best Philipp #Career #PeopleLeadership ...

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    Health Criteria

    Hi Colleagues, We are in the process of redefine the health criteria for our paying customers and one of the main indicators for us should be task consumption. Each Customer depending on their subscription has a maximum number of tasks that they can ...

  • Hi Everyone, We've been using Strikedeck for a while now and I'm working on getting our global Team Leads and Ops Team a training refresh in order to really use the tool to its fullest extent. We've definitely not been doing that (for a number of reasons), ...


  • Hot off the press: Events Page

    We're starting to open up our Events page to include Industry-Wide events.

    We just added a Meetup hosted by the Toronto Meetup crew (Thanks Maheen!). 

    We also just added the BIG RYG event hosted by ChurnZero that is coming in the Fall. 

    If you have events that you'd like to include, please shoot me an email directly. Thanks!

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