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'Customer Success' is slated as a new practice with the rise of subscription businesses. We want to open an area for leaders to talk about their career paths and opportunities that they identify to help improve the profession. 

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Janine Kortsep
Associate Director, Account Management

Manager level CS Openings

Hello all!

I am looking to move out of AdTech, but still stay in a CS role at a non AdTech SaaS company.  Does anyone here have any openings at their company (NY based)?  Would love to chat!



Matt Vadala
Seeking CSM opportunities

Suggestions on trying to land a Success role with no formal CSM experience in today's climate?

Pre-COVID I had some prospects, but many distant hopes because my resume lacks true CSM or AM experience. I have the transferable skills, and have worked with many CSMs in my prior role. I was a de-facto CSM for a handful of accounts while providing technical support and guidance for all other enterprise accounts.

Besides the chance post here and there of what I feel are valid CS points to live by in the social world for others to see and check out, possibly connect with me...what other suggestions would any of you in the current industry have?

To those... (More)

Paul Giovacchini
Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Education/Upskill budget ideas

Hi Team,

I have an education/upskill budget of $500/quarter and would like some ideas on how to spend it. I've been a CSM for 7 or 8 years now and would consider myself a high performing IC with leadership ambitions.

I've taken SQL lessons, public speaking, read a number of business books, and writing classes. My initial thought was to take a CSM math class, but I couldn't find a course that was focused on CSM data. 

What have you read/learned that has stuck with you?



Zhenya Kuhne
Customer Success Enthusiast

When Customer Success is in your blood, but SaaS isnt...

Hello all! Im a recovering small business owner, who is trying to break into the CS world. Prior to my experience of growing my retail business, I was an account sales executive in a publishing/media realm. While I was growing in entrepreneurial spectrum, my peers were getting into SaaS industries. CS comes as second nature to me. I ran my multi site retail through the eyes of a CSM more than anything. Trust is at the forefront of relationships. Evangelizing your product is key, but knowing your customer and what is best suited for them is how your customers are... (More)