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The Customer Success Manager is the fastest growing position in North America. Let's be sure to do it justice by covering ways that we can improve the effectiveness of the position. 

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Customer Success Account Manager @ Freshworks

Can anyone share a sample QBR template (frameworks) for a CRM Software (Salesforce, etc) ?

Hi Team, I have been given this challenge of building a QBR template for our CRM software and I need help. As this would be the first one, so I want to make it something that will set the benchmark for the global team. What metrics do I include- Deal conversation rates, Sales cycle?

Keeping mind that my audience will be director of sales, CRO, Head of CRM - I’m wondering won’t they already also have pipeline review meetings, deal discussions, etc 

How do I add more value apart from these to avoid redundancy?

Customer Success Account Manager @ Freshworks

What does a Customer Success Manager do? 🤔

I know most of us here are experienced professionals, but I still wanted to understand how the role in itself differs across Geos, companies, etc.

After witnessing many iterations, I’ve tried to define it based on my experiences so far...

Here goes my first try -

📍As CSMs, you represent your company to the customer and the customer to your company.

📍We handle post-sale customer engagement, employ a proactive and consultative approach to understanding and empowering their business goals.

📍We help deliver customer outcomes which thereby results in value recognition!

📍Empathy >>> Transactional Mindset

📍People >>> Product >> Processes

📍W... (More)

Matt Vadala
Seeking CSM opportunities

CCSM - how did you obtain this credential, and what inspired you to pursue it?

I come across many people who have obtained or who are now posting they are a CCSM. How have any of you obtained yours? Is SuccessCoaching the only service who provides it?

Building a CS Team from Scratch

@Jeff Breunsbach posted a question about templates/playbooks for CS leaders building their team from scratch last week and it sparking a neat conversation:

@Ronald Krisak @Daryl Colborne @Petra Makaremi and myself are in the group of CS folks that are being tasked with building a CS Team/Organization from the ground up and are looking to set-up a Zoom session to delve deep into this subject:

-What should your Roadmap look like and how should you prioritize projects?

- How should you approach and execute new initiatives?

- When do you start making workflow changes with sales, marketing, product, on-boarding?... (More)