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Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation

How we build our team, processes, technology stack, compensation plans, etc. all hinges on our ability to clearly define the customers we have today. Let's discuss the ways at which we segment our customers and how those methods have helped our organizations today. 

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Alex Tran
Client Outcomes Manager @ Gainsight

Building Out Tech Touch - Here's what I'm doing (feedback/ideas welcomed!)

Hey everyone!

I'm building and owning the tech touch segment for my company, Gainsight. We're calling it the "Digital Led" segment.


  • In-product drop down widget in which customers can submit questions/issues, and mark their request as Technical Issue, Best Practice, How-to, etc.
    • Technical issues will be routed to our Support team
    • Best practice and how-to product questions will be routed to a CS team member, me (CTA automatically created to take action on)
  • In-product self serve widget integrated with our knowledge base and in-app product guides
  • Weekly "Office Hours" promoted to all customers (AMA, use cases + product,... (More)
Tom Fortier
Customer Success Manager, CCSM - Level 1

Average BoB size per CSM?

I expect this to be a very subjective discussion, but I am curious what you consider to be a manageable BoB/client portfolio? For the purposes of this conversation, let's limit this to high-touch clients, as tech touch clients can be more easily scaled and included in a larger BoB. As I think about it, these are some of the most important elements (in no particular order) that I would consider when assigning BoB's for high-touch accounts:

  • Total spend by client
  • # of contracts to be renewed
  • # of users per client

What else would you consider? I'd love to hear... (More)

Customer segmentation and engagement should change within the customer lifecycle and divided simply between high and low touch. Here's why:

It's an incorrect strategy to segment your customer according to ARR/MRR and then leave it that way. CSMs should invest their time in a customer based on the highest return on their investment according to where their customer is at any given stage.

Often we assign a segment to a customer and it stays that way until they increase their worth. However this not a cost effective approach for the CSMs time. The proper approach should be segmenting within High and Low touch tiers. Then segment further by ARR and goal ( risk mitigation, adoption, retention, key customer turnover, etc')... (More)

Jim Ashley
Vice President of Customer Success

High Touch vs Low Touch with differing contract vehicles

Hey everyone, 

I recently became VP of CS for a company that has most of our clients on monthly contracts, yet are moving to annual.  We have roughly 1000 on monthly. The average lifetime is 6 years. We are seeing better retention, utilization, and references from our annual clients and would love to continue on this path. 

However, some of our most profitable and notorious customers are on monthly. 

I would love to dive into how you would set up standards for touchpoints when operating with this customer base.