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Metrics and analytics are key within our organizations to drive the right decisions and focus our energy in the right areas. Let's dive into ways that we're enabling our organization to use data to drive decisions. 

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Gurdev Anand
Sr. Customer Experience Manager

A little late to the game, but hope I can still share some thoughts!

We've leveraged churn data to drive product enhancement decisions and now hold Product and Engineering accountable to help drive down churn.

What do I mean by this?

Each customer that is severely dissatisfied or wants to cancel gets a call from our Customer Experience team. If they choose to cancel, we ask a few probing questions and bucket these reasons in Salesforce. Took us a few quarters, but we've honed in on what these buckets should look like for our org. For the "Product" bucket, we... (More)

Tom Fortier
Customer Success Manager, CCSM - Level 1

Average BoB size per CSM?

I expect this to be a very subjective discussion, but I am curious what you consider to be a manageable BoB/client portfolio? For the purposes of this conversation, let's limit this to high-touch clients, as tech touch clients can be more easily scaled and included in a larger BoB. As I think about it, these are some of the most important elements (in no particular order) that I would consider when assigning BoB's for high-touch accounts:

  • Total spend by client
  • # of contracts to be renewed
  • # of users per client

What else would you consider? I'd love to hear... (More)

Customer segmentation and engagement should change within the customer lifecycle and divided simply between high and low touch. Here's why:

It's an incorrect strategy to segment your customer according to ARR/MRR and then leave it that way. CSMs should invest their time in a customer based on the highest return on their investment according to where their customer is at any given stage.

Often we assign a segment to a customer and it stays that way until they increase their worth. However this not a cost effective approach for the CSMs time. The proper approach should be segmenting within High and Low touch tiers. Then segment further by ARR and goal ( risk mitigation, adoption, retention, key customer turnover, etc')... (More)

Ronald Krisak
Director of Customer Success at Longbow Advantage

Developing consistent metric for Usage/Adoption across customer set

In my customer portfolio, I have customers that use our software in different ways.  Depending on how they are using it will dictate the type of usage I can expect.  I am trying to develop a consistent usage metric across my customer set so this can be an element of the overall health score.  I have thought about creating separate buckets of customers to group them into like categories, and then develop a separate usage metric for those buckets.  I am wondering if anyone has had to deal with something similar for other ideas.