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Office Hours
Office Hours

Every Thursday at 11:30am EST we connect leaders to leaders. 

As we move forward, there will be a natural bridge between the online and offline discussions that are happening. This will be an area where we post follow ups from our weekly discussions for future reference. 

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Dive into a specific topic to learn more, we don't bite.

Ronald Krisak
Director of Customer Success at Longbow Advantage

Office Hours recordings

Is there a place on the community where the recordings of office hours are posted?  @Jeff Breunsbach 

Jeff BreunsbachFounder
Managing Partner | Customer Imperative

[CALL FOR TOPICS] What should we discuss in CS Leadership Office Hours this week?

We're doing a call for topics for our CS Leadership Office Hours call this Thursday June 25 at 11:30am EST.

In the comments below, write out the topic you'd be most interested in talking about with fellow leaders. 

If you see a topic that resonates, go ahead and click that heart button!


@Alex Farmer @Brian Hartley @Gabriel Fallas @Alex Turkovic @Matt Timmins @Phyllis Windham @Sara Robba @Jung Kim 

Jay Thonour
Senior Customer Success Manager

Champion's View of Negative Comments to Feedback

Great discussion during the #CSleadershipofficehours 11 Jun 2020. This was posted on Linkedin, @Jay Nathan , suggested I post this here as well.  

Sometimes, I have found my customer champions worried about negative comments more than us, as part of feedback gathering. 

A considerable amount of effort was spent, convincing about the usefulness of negative comments.

Have you had this situation? How did you handle this?

Melissa Flygare
ClientSuccess - Building Relationships that Last

State of Customer Success

Hi everyone!  We are doing a "State of Customer Success" survey & want to hear from as many awesome CS professionals as possible!  

Plus, if you take the survey you might even win one of the cool Apple products we're giving away!