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If we're giving our teams the best opportunities to succeed, we need to be sharing our best practices for leading these groups of individuals. 

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Billing CSM as Hourly - Can it be successful?

My org currently attaches a CS line item to SOWs, complete with hours/month of CSM time. I'm struggling with it on a few levels, and I'm curious if we can (or would even want to) make this successful.

As I see it:

  • We are not a cost center. It's clear that CS is a source of revenue.
  • We have clear SOWs and can turn to them when clients push the boundaries.
  • Resourcing plans are easier - we know how many hours we "owe" our customers and can staff to that number.


  • Lots of confusion (for customers and internally)... (More)
Kelly HookEarly Adopter
Head of Customer Success | Orderful

Task Management

Hi everyone!
I'm curious what you're using for onboarding task management with your teams? I'm managing a few onboarding architects who have a lot of tasks to do during onboarding to get a customer ready. I made a mistake trying to use Zendesk for task management and realize we need a better solution.

I have used Trello and Teamwork in the past for tasks but they're not my preference for this. I'm considering using Salesforce since we do account management there. Any tools/processes you recommend for a scrappy startup? Would like to automatically generate tasks and have analytics capabilities. Currently,... (More)

Tom Fortier
Customer Success Manager, CCSM - Level 1

Average BoB size per CSM?

I expect this to be a very subjective discussion, but I am curious what you consider to be a manageable BoB/client portfolio? For the purposes of this conversation, let's limit this to high-touch clients, as tech touch clients can be more easily scaled and included in a larger BoB. As I think about it, these are some of the most important elements (in no particular order) that I would consider when assigning BoB's for high-touch accounts:

  • Total spend by client
  • # of contracts to be renewed
  • # of users per client

What else would you consider? I'd love to hear... (More)

Betty Ernst
Head of Customer Success at Bonusly

Handling inappropriate remarks from customers

Hi team!

TLDR: A customer made a racist comment to one of my CSMs and I'd like to build a policy/escalation flow to help ease the burden on employees if/when this happens again.

Full post:

I had an incident yesterday where a customer made an insensitive and racist comment directed at one of my CSMs on a call.

I handled it by first talking with my teammate and then calling the customer to discuss why the comment was inappropriate. (Fortunately the call was recorded, so I was able to quote back to him verbatim). The customer ultimately sent a half-hearted... (More)