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Revenue Management
Revenue Management

Within our SaaS businesses, there's always a commercial side to our relationships with our clients. We may or may not "own" the commercial aspect, but let's discuss the finer points of getting our customers to stay with us. 

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Jim Ashley
Vice President of Customer Success

High Touch vs Low Touch with differing contract vehicles

Hey everyone, 

I recently became VP of CS for a company that has most of our clients on monthly contracts, yet are moving to annual.  We have roughly 1000 on monthly. The average lifetime is 6 years. We are seeing better retention, utilization, and references from our annual clients and would love to continue on this path. 

However, some of our most profitable and notorious customers are on monthly. 

I would love to dive into how you would set up standards for touchpoints when operating with this customer base. 


How are you all dealing with end of Q2 targets? Exceptions on COVID impacted portfolios? Do they use their CSM superpowers or face the financial reality and not hit target?

Asking for referrals from end-users

For our high-touch customers we onboard and manage our end-users in a tech-touch way. 

Does the community have any best-practices or email templates to ask the end-users to increase the impact on themselves and the company (and basically ask for more money). 

Either ask for a referral to a friend/colleague, or ask them if they want to expand their opportunities within the product?

How does your organization present QBRs / ABRs to SMB "Tech Touch" customers?

To clarify, this would be for low volume, low spend, low touch customers that still need love and attention.

A few follow up questions:

  • How does automation play a factor in scaling QBRs / ABRs for SMB "tech touch" customers?
  • Are there overlaps between an enterprise customer QBRs and a SMB QBRs that make sense?
  • Given the account spend, who's involved in the discussion?