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Voice of Customer
Voice of Customer

Collecting feedback from your customers is a powerful tool to use within the business. Let's discuss ways to not only collect feedback but how to entice your customers to give feedback, how to get your company to action on it and ultimately what it means. 

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Kathleen Fava
Job Seeker for a CSM Remote Role


For those CSMs who have been in the uncomfortable position of having to give the customer bad news:

How do you handle it when, for example, Product can't or won't program an enhancement or feature request for a customer. Even if Product is on board with CS, there may be roadmap issues, backlog, etc...preventing them from scheduling the work. How can we deliver this news and maintain the good will of the customer.

An aside: If CSMs are measured on renewals, the situation above may cause them to churn. Sometimes renewals/churn are out of the CSM's control. So is it... (More)

Laura LakhwaraEarly Adopter
Customer Success @ SoftBank Robotics

Building Towards Customer Advisory Board

One of my long-term goals for our CS team is to launch a Customer Advisory Board, but it isn't the immediate priority. To kick things off, I'd like to host some sessions with our clients by vertical.

  1. Has anyone hosted smaller sessions with a group of customers to allow them to meet each other, discuss best practices, ideate and collect product feedback? What made them successful?
  2. What steps have you taken to launch/formalize a Customer Advisory Board?
Susan Ulrich
Senior Director, Business Development

Transformation from a bookings-focus to a success-focus

How did you transform your company from a traditional bookings-focused organization to a customer delight-driven organization where Customer Success is a "first-class citizen" proactively working and representing the voice of the customer with finance, sales, and marketing to drive retention? Examples of companies that do this well are welcome!

Bradley New
Customer Success Specialist

Tracking Feature Request and Overall Client Feedback

As the only Client Success person in the company, I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to present feature requests and overall feedback that I hear from my customers.

Right now, our company uses Hubspot as our CRM platform so I use the "Tickets" tool to track issues that our client reports. I'm not the biggest fan of Hubspot but it gets the job done for tracking and organizing those types of issues (bugs, password issues, troubleshooting, etc). Other tools that we are using are Asana, Slack, and Intercom

Luckily, most of the conversations I have with... (More)