Hey everyone!

I'm building and owning the tech touch segment for my company, Gainsight. We're calling it the "Digital Led" segment.


  • In-product drop down widget in which customers can submit questions/issues, and mark their request as Technical Issue, Best Practice, How-to, etc.
    • Technical issues will be routed to our Support team
    • Best practice and how-to product questions will be routed to a CS team member, me (CTA automatically created to take action on)
  • In-product self serve widget integrated with our knowledge base and in-app product guides
  • Weekly "Office Hours" promoted to all customers (AMA, use cases + product, best practices)
  • Community where customers can go to submit questions and ideas to us internally and our other customers

LIFECYCLE - first 5 months (example)

  • Monthly EBR Emails - automatically sent with meaningful data to key stakeholders
    • Monthly Active Users (MAUs) - our customers' revenue are primarily on MAUs
    • Top 10 features used in our product
    • Every 6 months, show screenshot of use cases captured during onboarding; attach survey to access progress towards goals/use cases
    • URL link to submit product feedback
  • Exec check ins on Month 3 & Month 9 of yearly contract
  • Quarterly NPS survey with automatically created risk CTAs for detractors/passives and promoters to leave review on G2Crowd
  • Renewal convos begin on Month 9

I'd love to hear your feedback, critiques, or thoughts on this!